Khazar Supply & Trading Group


Khazar Supply & Trading Group

Khazar Supply & Trading Group (KSTG) is a leading Iranian exporter, importer, wholesale distributor and trader of commodity goods to manufacturers, retailers and operators across Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.

How We Do It
Sourcing: Managing successful relationships with producers, farmers, packers, brokers, and manufactures across the globe. Possess exclusivity agreements with a number of packers and processing plants – conducting facility visit on an annual basis to ensure highest quality standards are met…


Kharzar Trading Group

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We are ready to export a wide range of products to all over the world. If you are a customer of any of products to follow ...


Through our representatives and business partners KSTG has the capability to offer and supply below items to follow ...

Expediting, Logistics and Financial Services

Through our representatives and business partners KSTG has  ...

Benefits of Trading and Business in Iran

Iran Export and Import

Kharzar Trading Group

Supplying oil & petrochemical products required by the customers all around the world

Iran Khazar trading -Iran Import

Purchase and swap of oil products, Transit arrangements for Oil products

Iran Khazar Trading

Purchase of oil & petrochemical products required by the All markets and private sectors

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